Monday, August 27, 2012

Playlist: August 21, 2012

1.       “What is and What Should Never Be”/Led Zeppelin/Led Zeppelin II
2.       “The Ocean”/Led Zeppelin/Houses of the Holy
3.       “In Bloom”/Nirvana/Nevermind
4.       “Breed”/Nirvana/Nevermind
5.       “Baba O’Riley”/The Who/Who’s Next
6.       “Won’t Get Fooled Again”/The Who/Who’s Next
7.       “Message of Love”/The Pretenders/Pretenders II
8.       “Bad Boys Get Spanked”/The Pretenders/Pretenders II
9.       “When the Whip Comes Down”/The Rolling Stones/Some Girls
10.    “Shattered”/The Rolling Stones/Some Girls
11.    “Pop Song 89”/R.E.M./Green
12.    “Turn You Inside Out”/R.E.M./Green
13.    “Lowdown”/Boz Scaggs/Silk Degrees
14.    “Lido Shuffle”/Boz Scaggs/Silk Degrees
15.    “Dig a Pony”/The Beatles/Let It Be
16.    “I’ve Got a Feeling”/The Beatles/Let It Be
17.    “Mellow Yellow”/Donovan/Single
18.    “Hurdy Gurdy Man”/Donovan/Single
19.    “Light Up or Leave Me Alone”/Traffic/Low Sparks of a High Heeled Boy
20.    “Rock and Roll Stew” /Traffic/Low Sparks of a High Heeled Boy
21.    “Stranger to Himself”/Traffic/John Barleycorn Must Die
22.    “People Are Strange”/The Doors/Strange Days
23.    “Break On Through”/The Doors/The Doors
24.    “Hey Hey What Can I Do”/Led Zeppelin/Single

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