Saturday, June 30, 2012

Playlist: June 26, 2012

   1.       “Higher Ground”/Stevie Wonder/Innervisions
   2.      “Boogie on Reggae Woman”/Stevie Wonder/Fullfillingness’ First Finale
   3.      “Riding with the King”/John Hiatt/Riding with the King
   4.      “Child of the Wild Blue Yonder”/John Hiatt/Stolen Moments
   5.      “Hey Me, Hate Mama”/Ray Lamontagne/Gossip in the Grain 
   6.      “Worried About You”/The Rolling Stones/Tattoo You
   7.      “Tops”/The Rolling Stones/Tattoo You
   8.      “This Land is Your Land”/Neil Young/Americana
   9.      “Harvest Moon”/Neil Young/Harvest Moon
  10.  “Flyaway”/Lenny Kravitz/5
  11.  “The New Pollution”/Beck/Odelay
  12.  “Sleep to Dream”/Fiona Apple/Tidal
  13.  “Kitty’s Back”/Bruce Springsteen/The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle
  14.  “Seven Army Nation”/The White Stripes/Elephant
  15.  “Blue Orchid”/The White Stripes/Get Behind Me Satan
  16.  “Sealion”/Jethro Tull/Warchild
  17.  “Moonshine”/The North Mississippi Allstars/Electric Blue Watermelon
  18.  “Jesus Just Left Chicago”/ZZ Top/Tres Hombres
  19.  “Hard to Be”/Vaughn Brothers/Family Style
  20.  “Jealousy”/Natalie Merchant/Carnival

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Playlist: June 5, 2012

1.                  “Got Your Heart”/Anders Osborne/American Patchwork
2.                  “Love is Taken its Toll”/ Anders Osborne/American Patchwork
3.                  “Rain King”/The Counting Crows/August and Everything After
4.                  “Perfect Blue Building”/ The Counting Crows/August and Everything After
5.                  “Wild Honey”/Van Morrison/Common One
6.                  “Days Like This”/Van Morrison/Common One
7.                  “Meet Me in the Morning”/Bob Dylan/Blood on the Tracks
8.                  “Buckets of Rain”/ Bob Dylan/Blood on the Tracks
9.                  “Birthday”/The Beatles/The Beatles
10.              “Here Comes the Sun”/The Beatles/Abbey Road
11.              “Phone Booth (Live)”/The Robert Cray Band/Live From Across the Pond
12.              “Chicken in the Kitchen”/The Robert Cray Band/This Time
13.              “Stop”/Bloomfield/Kooper/Stills/Super Session
14.              “Leaving Trunk”/Taj Mahal/Taj Mahal
15.              “She’s Long Gone”/The Black Keys/Brothers
16.              “Gold on the Ceiling”/The Black Keys/El Camino
17.              “Syrup & Honey”/Duffy/Rockferry
18.              “Serious”/Duffy/Rockferry
19.              “Everyday People”/Sly & the Family Stone/Stand!
20.              “Dance to the Music”/Sly & the Family Stone/Dance to the Music
21.              “More Than One Way Home”/Keb’ Mo’/Just Like You