Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Playlist: September 13, 2016

1.          "My My, Hey Hey"/Neil Young/Live Rust
2.          "Powderfinger"/Neil Young/Weld
3.          "I Wish I Was Makin' Love"/The Soul of John Black/Early in the Moanin'
4.          "Can't Be Helped"/The Soul of John Black/Early in the Moanin'
5.          "Empire State of Mind"/Alicia Keys/The Element of Freedom
6.          "If I Ain't Got You"/Alicia Keys/Unplugged
7.          "I Wish You Would"/J.D. McPherson/The Warm Covers
8.          "Head Over Heels"/J.D. McPherson/Let the Good Times Roll
9.          "Illegal Smile"/John Prine/John Prine
10.     "Hello in There"/John Prine/John Prine
11.     "Color of the Blues (feat. Susan Tedeschi"/John Prine/For Better, or Worse
12.     "Waste a Moment"/Kings of Leon/Walls
13.     "Use Somebody"/Kings of Leon/Only By the Night
14.     "Medicated Goo (Live)"/Traffic/John Barleycorn Must Die
15.     "40,000 Headmen"/Traffic/John Barleycorn Must Die
16.     "Loving Cup"/The Rolling Stones/Exile on Main Street
17.     "So Divine (Aladdin Story)"/The Rolling Stones/Exile on Main Street
18.     "Wild and Free (Normal)"/The Radiators/Wild & Free
19.     "Doctor Doctor"/The Radiators/Law of the Fish
20.     "When the Tequila Runs Dry"/Dawes/We're All Gonna Die
21.     "All Your Favorite Bands"/Dawes/All Your Favorite Bands
22.     "Captain Jack"/Billy Joel/Songs in the Attic
23.     "I'm a Believer"/The Monkees/More of the Monkees
24.     "Me and Magdalena"/The Monkees/Good Times!
25.     "(I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone)"/The Monkees/More of the Monkees

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