Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Playlist: June 11, 2013

1.          "Stone Crazy"/Buddy Guy/Stone Crazy
2.          "All Along the Watchtower"/The Jimi Hendrix Experience/Electric Ladyland
3.          "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)"/ The Jimi Hendrix Experience/Electric Ladyland
4.          "The Ocean"/Bonerama/Bring it Home
5.          "Bayou Betty"/ Bonerama/Bring it Home
6.          "Kid Charlemagne"/Steely Dan/The Royal Scam
7.          "FM (No Static At All)"/Steely Dan/FM Soundtrack
8.          "Long Haired Country Boy"/Charlie Daniels/Fire on the Mountain
9.          "It's Starting to Rain"/Shelley King/Welcome Home
10.     "Breed"/Nirvana/Nevermind
11.     "On a Plain"/Nirvana/Nevermind
12.     "Naked in the Jungle"/Van Morrison/The Philosopher's Stone
13.     "Sweet Jane"/The Velvet Underground/Loaded
14.     "Sixteen Saltines"/Jack White/Blunderbuss
15.     "Freedom at 21"/ Jack White/Blunderbuss
16.     "She's Long Gone"/The Black Keys/Brothers
17.     "Lockdown"/Dr. John/Lockdown
18.     "Connection"/Elastica/Elastica
19.     "Seether"/Veruca Salt/American Thighs
20.     "Keep Your Monster on a Leash"/Tower of Power/Monster on a Leash
21.     "And You Know It"/Tower of Power/Soul with a Capital "S"-The Best of Tower of Power

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