Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Playlist: January 15, 2012

1.     "Here Comes the Sun"/The Beatles/Abbey Road
2.     "Steppin' Out Queen"/Van Morrison/Into the Music
3.     "Calling Dr. Love"/KISS/Rock and Roll Over
4.     "Rock and Roll All Nite"/KISS/Dressed to Kill
5.     "No One to Run With"/The Allman Brothers/Where It All Begins
6.     "Kingdom of Izzness"/Dr. John/Locked Down
7.     "Catfish Blues"/The Jimi Hendrix Experience/The Jimi Hendrix Experience
8.     "Highway Chile"/The Jimi Hendrix Experience/Smash Hits
9.     "Small Town"/John Mellencamp/Spectacle: Elvis Costello with..
10.    "Reason to Believe"/Bruce Springsteen/Nebraska
11.     "Down"/Stone Temple Pilots/No. 4
12.   "Sour Girl"/Stone Temple Pilots/No. 4
13.  "Phantom Limb"/The Shins/Wincing the Night Away
14.   "Living a Lie"/Aimee Mann/Charmer
15.  "Push th' Little Daisies"/Ween/Pure Guava
16.  "All I Want"/Toad the Wet Sprocket/Fear
17.   "Sittin' on a Fence"/The Rolling Stones/Flowers
18.   "Train to Memphis"/KIlborn Alley Blues Band/Better Off Now
19.   "Seven Nation Army"/The White Stripes/Elephant
20.    "Hardest Button to Button"/ The White Stripes/Elephant
21. "Better Off Without a Wife"/Tom Waits/Nighthawks at the Diner
22.   "Warm Beer and Cold Women"/ Tom Waits/Nighthawks at the Diner

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