Saturday, July 14, 2012

Playlist: July 10, 2012

1.      “I’ve Got That Old Feeling”/Alison Krauss/I’ve Got That Old Feeling
2.      “My Love Follows You Where You Go”/Alison Krauss & Union Station/Paper Airplane
3.      “Some Days Are Better than Others”/U2/Zooropa
4.      “Numb”/U2/Zooropa
5.      “Let It Rain”/Eric Clapton/Eric Clapton
6.      “After Midnight”/Meryl Saunders/Fire Up
7.      “Psycho Killer”/Talking Heads/Talking Heads:1977
8.      “Wild, Wild Life”/Talking Heads/True Stories
9.      “Hallejulah”/John Cale
10.  “Hallejulah”/Martin Sexton/Live Wide Open
11.  “Every Little She Does is Magic”/The Police/Ghost in the Machine
12.  “One World (Not Three)”/The Police/Ghost in the Machine
13.  “Message of Love”/The Pretenders/Pretenders II
14.  “Deal”/The Grateful Dead
15.  “Ripple”/The Grateful Dead/American Beauty
16.  “Sail on, Sailor”/The Beach Boys/Holland
17.  “That’s Why God Made the Radio”/The Beach Boys/That’s Why God Made the Radio
18.  “Heard it in a Love Song”/The Marshall Tucker Band/Carolina Dreams
19.  “Light Up or Leave Me Alone”/Traffic/The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
20.  “Rock & Roll Stew”/ Traffic/The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
21.  “Musta Got Lost”/The J. Geils Band/Blow Your Face Off

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