Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's your show all about?

Many people have asked Vinny and I what our show is all about. Good question. Vinny goes to a lot of shows, especially at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, and hears bands and artists that many people, like me, have never heard of before or are not very familiar with. He likes to play their music along with some of his other favorite music. I pick music to play from bands and artists that most people are familiar with. However, I try to pick the songs that people normally don't normally hear on commercial radio. So we play music we want to play and hopefully you want to hear. Again this is community radio: we don't have marching orders from a corporation like Clear Channel to play certain songs or artists. We also have a little fun during the show and expect to have local guests on from time to time.

Have a suggestion for the show? Drop us an e-mail or call us during the show at the studio: (860) 489-9033. (Please wait to call during the beginning of a song as I also do double duty as an "engineer").  Thanks!

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